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8 Students are Trapped in Battagram After Chairlift Broke

School kids stranded in midair as chairlift rope breaks in Battagram.

Around 7 AM, close to the settlement of Pashto Jhangri in Tehsil Alai, the chairlift rope broke, leaving it hanging in midair.

After the tragedy, eight students and their teachers were left dangling in the air for several hours. No one came to save the children who were trapped in a chairlift when they began to scream.

After several hours, Rescue 1122 personnel arrived at the scene but were unable to begin their work. According to rescue sources, a helicopter is required to save the trapped persons. The locals offered to assist in the rescue efforts.

Muhammad Azam Khan, the interim chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, took note of the situation. He spoke with the Chief Secretary and gave instructions to take immediate action to rescue the stranded persons securely.

The chief minister advised using all feasible means to save them. To save them, a Pakistan Army helicopter has been sent out. Later, the district administration said that the PDMA is sending rescue teams.

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