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Punjab Govt Launch Two More Metro Train Projects in Lahore

The Punjab Government is set to expand the Lahore metro train network.

According to a private TV channel on Saturday, the Punjab government plans to add the Blue and Purple Line Metro Train services to the city of Lahore metro train network.

These new projects, which are expected to cost around Rs14.5 trillion, constitute a substantial investment since they account for almost half of the province’s entire budget.

The Punjab government has received proposals for the Blue and Purple Line Train Projects from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) for approval. The approval of the Punjab government will trigger the creation of PC-1 for these massive projects.

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Documents show that Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, and her Cabinet were given a thorough briefing on the budget and planning of the Blue and Purple Line projects.

With a projected cost of 577 billion rupees, the Purple Line Metro Train project is intended to run 16 kilometers, or 16 stations, between the airport and Bhati Chowk. It is anticipated that every day, 250,000 persons will use this route.

Conversely, the Blue Line Train Project—which is projected to cost around 872 billion rupees—will cover a distance of more than 27 kilometers, including 28 stations, from Valencia Town to Babu Sabu Interchange. An estimated 400,000 persons are anticipated to use this long route for their daily commute.

The Punjab Government hopes that these large-scale projects would improve Lahore’s public transportation system and allow its citizens to move more easily and effectively.

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