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A Woman Forgets Rs. 4M Luggage at Karachi Airport, what Next?

Karachi police recover millions and return millions, showcasing skill.

Saira Mustafa Shaikh, a resident of Gulistan-e-Jauhar, showed up from Islamabad to Karachi yet after getting back, she understood that she had failed to remember her pack in the streetcar at the stopping region of the Karachi Airport.

Saira Mustafa Shaikh revealed the episode to the police and referenced the things and money taken care of. The pack contained gems worth Rs 4 million, reports, cash, and other significant things.

The airport police got a move on exploring the Common Flying Power and aircraft authorities however later on, discovered that a vehicle driver had found the female traveler’s satchel in the parking garage and had taken it from that point.

With the assistance of CCTV film, the police followed the sack and recuperated it from the individual who had protected the pack.

As per SHO airport, investigator Kaleem Musa, the pack was taken by the driver of a stored organization to the security division.

The lady offered thanks and showered acclaim on the police for helping her effects back through tireless work and responsibility of the law implementers.

In the meantime, SSP Malir, Hassan Sardar Niazi valued the endeavors put in by the police authorities and declared to remunerate the entire group with prizes.

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