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After Obtaining Visa, Rakhi Sawant Set to Perform Umrah

Rakhi Sawant, prepares to perform Umrah, expressing her intentions.

Indian celebrity Rakhi Sawant is preparing to perform her Umrah after converting to Islam and marrying her now-Muslim spouse.

Admirers are genuinely astonished by the major news that she is preparing to perform her Umrah, which she shared with her admirers. Because she fasted after becoming a Muslim and is now acting in accordance with Islamic law.

She shared the video and remarked, “Guys.” I have received my Umrah visa and will now complete my Umrah.

Since a long time ago, folks have been enquiring as to when you will perform the Umrah. The good news is as follows.

Fans of Rakhi Sawant are ecstatic over this news. Fans have expressed their strong feelings about it. “She is lucky and Allah is calling her to His house to turn her heart towards Islam,” a person said. Another person commented, “She is only acting in a way to attract more attention.

Going to Umrah without covering my ears yet. Sadly, the sacred mosques are evolving into tourist destinations.

“Asalam o Aikum, I’ve finished my first Roza now. I am currently observing Iftar alone, but you guys are with me. Allah is with me, and so are all of my supporters. After making dua, I will break my fast with Bismillah. Please have faith in me, I enjoy this fast since it was so simple and Allah provided me the strength to keep it.

Fans appear to believe that she is using this situation to gain attention while acting impartially.

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