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India Test Fired New Ballistic Missile Agni Prime

DRDO successfully tests Agni Prime ballistic missile off Odisha coast.

According to an official statement, all targets were achieved during the flight test of the Agni Prime ballistic missile, proving the accuracy and reliability of the system.

Following three successful development tests, this was the customer’s first pre-induction night launch of the ballistic missile AgniPrime.

Off the coast of Odisha, the test flight was completed at around 7:30 p.m. All targets of the missile were successfully demonstrated during the flight test.

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To record flight data covering its entire trajectory, range instruments such as radar, telemetry, and electro-optical tracking systems were installed at various locations including two down-range aircraft at the terminal point.

Senior DRDO and Strategic Services Command officials were present for the successful flight test, paving the way for the system’s induction into the armed forces.

Senior members of DRDO and Strategic Forces Command were present during the test flight of the ballistic missile. Rajnath Singh, the defense minister, praised the DRDO and the Armed Forces on the Agni Prime missile’s performance and success.

Secretary of Defense R&D and Chairman DRDO Dr. Sameer V Kamat also appreciated the efforts of the DRDO team in making the test flight a success.

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