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AI creates ‘Man of Steel 2’ trailer, brings hope to Henry Cavill fans

Henry Cavill confirmed that he won’t be reprising role of Superman.

Fans continue to dream of the day when Cavill and Superman will reconnect despite the actor no longer portraying the character. When a fan-created version of “Man of Steel 2” was posted on social media, the dream almost came true.

A trailer for Superman: Man of Tomorrow, the rumoured Man of Steel prequel, was made by fans. To bring a concept film to life, the trailer was entirely created using AI programs and 3D software.

Henry Cavill’s voice from Artificial Intelligence (AI) narrates the trailer. Superman’s greatest foe is the subject of this voice’s monologue, which is being read aloud by the superhero. The protagonist, Cavill, acknowledges that it is debatable whether or not it is worthwhile to save people, given that, more often than not, mankind itself is their greatest foe. A lot of love and passion were evident in the trailer.

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