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Ali Fazal Breaks Silence on Leaving “FUKREY 3”

Ali Fazal addressed his absence from 3rd installment of Fukrey series.

Fans have expressed their dismay that Fazal will not be returning as Zafar in the comedy film “Fukrey” sequel, which was announced earlier this week.

Finally, the “Mirzapur” actor has issued a formal statement in response to his fans. So Zafar aayega ya nahi? he asked. Baar Baar, Sab yahi puch rahe. I’m sorry, my friends, but Zafar won’t be appearing in Fukrey this time. Everyone keeps asking me about it.

He continued, mentioning another of his cult figures, “Zafar bhai ko kabhi kabhi Guddu bhaiya bhi banna padta hai.” “At times, Zafar has to take the form of Guddu, and these two universes occasionally cross paths,” the song says.

“Once a fukra, always a fukra,” therefore my presence. However, I won’t be appearing in the third film with the Fukras, Bholi, and Panditji!, Fazal insisted.

“I would have liked to have participated, but time and scheduling prevented me from doing so.”

At some point in the future, perhaps earlier than you anticipate, I shall return. After a brief break, Zafar will return to amuse you all.

It is important to note that this year will see the third season of his web series “Mirzapur,” which will also be returning.

Ali Fazal also has the Hollywood movie “Kandahar” and the Netflix series “Khufiya” from Vishal Bhardwaj in his back pocket.

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