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Alizeh Shah Charged with Incompetence & Drug Abuse

Alizeh Shah tried to injure Minsa Malik when she was ‘high on drugs’.

Alizeh Shah is the subject of a complaint from Malik, who claims that Alizeh attempted to injure her physically. In a Samaa TV interview, she also outright stated that Shah was “high on drug” at the time of the shoot.

Alizeh attempted to fling her sandal in my direction, but I dodged it, Minsa revealed. She misbehaved because she was so heavily drugged.

She continued by saying that the camera used to film the action also recorded a video of Shah and Minsa amid the commotion. According to Minsa, “Alizeh insisted that the video not be released because it would be the main source of her slander.”

The event happened, according to Minsa Malik, on August 15 around 7 o’clock in Islamabad on the set of a forthcoming drama serial. Additionally, the actress has asked the authorities to give her security.

Alizeh Shah made a strong debut in the drama series “Sinf-e-Aahan,” but since then, the actress has been keeping a low profile. She quickly began getting into a lot of issues.

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