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Amar Khan: ‘Legend of Maula Jatt’ Visual Triumph in Cinema History

Amar Khan hails ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ as cinematic masterpiece.

She released a lengthy review on Saturday to support her position. “The Legend of Maula Jatt is accelerating into its wonderful years as it accurately speaks our heart out ‘bara hi swaad aya ay!'” It had a lot of flavour. In Pakistani cinema history, this colossal action Gandasa film by Bilal Lashari will be remember as the best visual victory ever. This film is a testament to Bilal’s extensive labour of love and ten years of effort as a filmmaker. This incredible character blocking and cinematography have never before been seen in Pakistan,” she wrote.

She selected each character and discussed what made them unique. We haven’t seen a villain from the subcontinent this terrifying and growling in a very long time. This movie belongs to Hamza Ali Abbasi. With his aura, Fawad Khan, who will always be our unstoppable hero, expertly defeated the protagonist. Mirza Gohar Rasheed appeared to be performing at the peak of his career while high on scorpion cannabis, in my opinion. As Mukho, Mahira Khan radiates beauty with her innocence and vivacious charisma. Faris Shafi is very comfortable and fun while getting that tan sun tan. Humaima Malick appeared seductive and credible.

She also lauded the crew and production team, who work behind the scenes but are in charge of creating the magic seen on television. The dialogue from Nasir Adeeb Saab “hits sixers straight to the gallery. What a bold and grandiose effort the film’s creators made. I hope you guys have a successful box office run with “Moolah.” A special thank you to the three people who have supported this movie the most: Fahad Hussayn, Maram Azmat, and Aabroo Hashimi. I am extremely please with you guys. Kudos to the entire production design/art team, especially Zara Shahjahan.

Minor Problem.

The Punjabi pronunciation of some actors was the only thing the Dum Mastam actor found problematic. Why are some artists not taking the diction and tonality seriously when so much money, time, and technological know-how is going into such a picture, is a minor worry. Actor Mustafa Qureshi sb also spoke Urdu and understood Punjabi very well.

She concluded by asking with the responsible parties to refrain from depriving the public of such a fantastic movie that is only showing in a small number of theatres. “I saw this movie last night in Capri because Karachi’s two theatres are the only ones showing Pakistan’s biggest movie to date. What happens if athletes win the world cup without taking the field at their home stadium? The phrase “Ais maulay nu maaran laye cine-ma nai cine-pyo bulana paway ga” is used. Please don’t deny the audience the opportunity to witness such a large-scale movie on the bara parda. Congratulations to the team and big virtual hugs to you all!

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