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Amazing Benefits of Napping in the Afternoon

Benefits of Napping in Afternoon, Nap during day leads to weight loss.

Amazing Benefits of Napping in the Afternoon Most people like to take a nap in the afternoon, and sleeping during the day can lead to weight loss.

This claim was revealed in a medical study conducted in the UK.

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A recent study by University College London found that 30 minutes of snoozing a day can reduce waist circumference by about an inch.

According to research, sleeping in the afternoon instead of sitting down helps in weight loss.

In fact, any form of physical activity, such as getting up to go to sleep, has positive effects on health. And helps in reducing body weight.

More than 15,000 people were included in this study and their physical activity was monitored with trackers.

The results showed that an average person spends 7.7 hours per day sleeping, 10.4 hours sitting, 3 hours standing and the remaining 3 hours being active in other ways.

The computer models were then utilized to determine what would happen if 30 minutes of sitting time were swapped to another activity.

The results showed that devoting 30 minutes of sitting time to an afternoon nap reduced body weight by 0.43 percent and reduced waist circumference by 0.7 inches.

The Amazing Benefit of Taking a Nap in the Afternoon


According to the National Institutes of Health, as we age, after age 40, the brain shrinks at a rate of about 5 percent per decade, and it accelerates after age 70.

Shrinkage of the brain with aging leads to changes in cognitive function. But according to this new research, taking naps during the day can help prevent this process.

Dr. Victoria Garfield, senior author of the study, says the findings suggest that short daytime naps may help maintain brain health as we age.

And sleep directly increases overall brain volume.

Research has shown that sleep also helps prevent other unhealthy habits such as overeating, which can also lead to weight loss.

According to research, any reduction in time spent sitting is beneficial for health.

The researchers said that if you make time for moderate or vigorous physical activity, whether it’s climbing stairs, brisk walking or something else, the benefits are greater.

Similarly, light activities such as leisurely walking, standing or lying down are also beneficial.

He added that the results indicate that all types of activity are best for avoiding the negative effects of sitting.

They said that it reduces body weight, reduces cholesterol and fat content in the blood.

The results of the study were published in the European Heart Journal.

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