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Keep these Things in Mind while Change your Habits

We try hard to change our habits for a successful and prosperous life.

We also try hard to change our habits. But despite repeated efforts we do not get success. By now we know the psychology of habits and how habits change.

This time we will try to find out what six mistakes we make while changing our own or our children’s habits that we are not able to change the habits.

Today we will discuss these methods thanks to countless People changed their habits as they wanted and started on the journey of prosperity.

hose habits include studying, waking up early in the morning, doing meditation, praying, eating healthy food, avoiding the habit of procrastination, avoiding smoking or using drugs, getting rid of anger, etc.

The question is that despite knowing so much, why do we fail to change our habits?

Make too many changes to your habits at once

By listening to a lecture, watching a movie, reading an article or being inspired by someone, we tell ourselves that today we will completely change ourselves and start trying to change several habits at once. are The result is that our attention gets distracted and we are not able to create a single change.

A big problem with unsuccessful people is that they are also revolutionaries. Come to emotions and decide to change together. We have seen the plight of those who attempted revolutions, the ta’zias become cold in a matter of days, sometimes hours

Our friend Professor Aamir Khan says that for success one needs to burn and not burn.

Just as laziness and laziness are an undesirable attribute in the sight of Allah. Similarly, the act of haste is also attributed to Satan.

Life is the name of moderation. Moderation is about doing one thing at a time, as for habits, trying to change one habit at a time.

Trying to eat a bigger bite than your mouth

We get emotional very quickly and aim to do so. Which is not possible for most people to achieve. For example, on the first day, they set aside an hour for exercise, for dieting they come down from four loaves to one loaves, for studying they make a program of 2 hours every day.

The result is that after two days old routines are stuck. So bring change at your convenience. For this, try to start the entire month with one habit that can be easily changed. A change in a habit will bring a positive change in your life and boost your confidence.

keep Secret

Some people feel that telling someone doesn’t get the job done or is disrespectful afterwards. How many of us intend to do work, without mentioning it to anyone but ourselves, yet the work is not completed.

Also, how many tasks are there which are mentioned by others and those tasks are mentioned to others. are completed. If we get a good idea of who to tell, there are two benefits: first, that such friends do not criticize later, and second, they help to get the job done. .

Start the process offline

Thinking of getting up this morning and deciding today is to get up tomorrow morning, or shows that you are not making a commitment to yourself, or making a plan.

You do not think about the problems that may arise during this time, nor do you think about the people who can help us in this regard, nor do you organize a program of self-appreciation. This is why we don’t have any problems if we don’t change our habits.

Not caring how other people succeeded

Thinking why read stories of successful people, we don’t need them, is a wrong attitude. Study the lives of successful people and see how their lives changed, these stories inspire in life and give an idea why when someone can create change within themselves, we can’t.

Also keep track of your past successes and changes and think if you have been successful before then why can’t you do it again.

Gather opportunities for failure around you

Keeping junk food on your fridge and table despite wanting to improve your health, going to hotels or having unhealthy foods easily accessible or meeting people who don’t care about their health.

It is very important that the things and people around us influence our decisions the most. The more things we see, the more they become involved in our lives. Take a look at your home or fridge, how many things there are that didn’t have a place in our lives until a decade ago.

Due to TV and mobile, it has become an essential part of our life today. Likewise, how much work is that? What we do just because our friends do. Friends are those who help us achieve our goals.

So whatever kind of habit you want to change. Connect with the same kind of people. And now it is easy to connect with them. Reach out to them through social media and see how fast the change comes.

Follow these things to change your and your children’s habits, considering your need and convenience, and you will see how much faster the journey to success and prosperity will be. INSHA-ALLAH

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