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Ameer Balaj Tipu Murder Case, Important News Come Out

Ameer Balaj Tipu murder case, Ahsan Shah was detained by the police.

An important development has come in the Ameer Balaj Tipu murder case in which the accused Ahsan Shah has been detained by the police.

According to details, Ahsan Shah was apprehended by the CIA police in Lahore during the late hours of the night. Ahsan Shah was detained on charges that he was Ameer Balaj’s spy. Today, the accused will appear in court.

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Ahsan Shah is suspected of having contact with the accused identified in the case. Ahsan Shah was allegedly a close friend of the murdered Ameer Balaj Tipu. Allegedly, the listed accused gave money to the accused in exchange for the informant.

Recall that last month, Ameer Balaj Tipu, the son of gangster Tipu Truckanwala, was killed and two others were hurt when gunfire broke out during a wedding ceremony on Multan Road in Lahore. A case has been filed by the police at the Chohang police station.

Ameer Balaj Tipu’s shooters opened fire on Amir Hussain, killing him on the spot. The shooting happened when Aameer Balaj was leaving the wedding ceremony, footage of which also surfaced.

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