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Riyadh Exhibition Unveils 42 Rare Quran Copies

42 rare copies of Holy Quran are kept in ongoing exhibition in Riyadh.

42 rare copies of the Quran are on display in Riyadh as part of an ongoing exhibition that highlights the wide range of Islamic calligraphy and embellishment.

The exhibition is being hosted by the King Abdul Aziz Public Library and takes place in the library’s branch in the Al Muraba Quarter of Riyadh.

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The ceremony was opened by the supervisor-general of the library, Faisal Abdul Rahman, who highlighted the remarkable collection of rare, gilded, and embellished Quran copies on display.

He emphasized the exhibition’s importance in showcasing the different gilding and ornamentation styles used on the Holy Quran.

Rahman emphasized that these kinds of cultural endeavors, which center on thematic exhibitions during national, religious, and cultural festivals, both inside and outside the country, are essential to the library’s goal.

The King Abdul Aziz Public Library has spent forty years collecting rare images, miniatures, and manuscripts in order to preserve Islamic and Arab cultural heritage. A Hajj video that the library created in 2007 was screened in theaters all across the world.

Rahman further added that earlier shows have emphasized Arabic calligraphy and poetry, which has enhanced the region’s cultural landscape.

The peak season for Umrah, or small pilgrimages, at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the holiest place in Islam, usually coincides with Ramadan.

Muslims from all over the world gather in Saudi Arabia during this holy month to perform Umrah and offer prayers in the two most venerated mosques in Islam, the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.

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