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Another Indian Actress Leave Showbiz

Another India Actors Leave Showbiz

Sahar Afsha is the third Indian Actress to leave Bollywood for Islam.

Actress Sahar Afsha, who is most known for her work in the Indian Tamil and Bhojpuri film industries, revealed her decision to leave the glamour profession in a long message posted on Instagram.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I want to inform you that I have decided to leave show business and will no longer be involved in it in the name of Allah, the Most Generous, the Most Merciful. Sahar wrote this in a Facebook post.
I want to live my future life with Allah’s blessings and in line with Islamic beliefs, She said.

The famous person expressed gratitude to her admirers for bestowing on her “blessings, including fame, honour, and money,” and she acknowledged that she had not imagined such a life as a youngster.


I want to live my next life according to Allah.

“I entered this field by accident and kept expanding. But now I’ve made the decision to give up my Showbiz way of life, confess my sins to Allah, and beg His pardon. I want to live my next life in accordance with Allah’s directives and teachings.

“I want everyone to pray that Allah accepts my repentance, rewards me with the ability to live in accordance with my resolution to spend the rest of my life respecting the laws of my Creator and serving mankind, and grants me the perseverance to do so,” she said in her closing statement.

And I hope that instead of being known for my past life, it will be for the one to come.

Former actor Sana Khan left a remark on the site after previously following a similar path. “Mashallah my sister very pleased for you,” she wrote. I hope Allah grants you isteqamah at every turn. May you serve as an example to others around you and turn into Zariya e Khair for humanity.

Sana Khan, Zaira Wasim, and Saqib Khan are just a few of the Bollywood and Pakistani celebrities that have left the entertainment business in the past to follow Islamic beliefs.

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