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ANP Candidate Ismatullah Khan Passed Away in Kohat

Ismatullah Khan, candidate the ANP, passed away on Tuesday in Kohat.

Tuesday in Kohat marked the passed away of Awami National Party (ANP) candidate for Provincial Assembly, Ismatullah Khan. The sad event happened as a result of an unexpected heart arrest.

Ismatullah Khan was running as an ANP candidate from the PK-91 seat. All election-related operations in PK-91 have been suspended following the announcement of his unexpected death, according to Returning Officer (RO) Irfanullah Marwat.

RO Irfanullah Marwat stated that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will make the important choice of whether to hold the constituency’s scheduled elections as planned or to take other action.

A solemn mood has descended upon the election processes due to the unexpected loss of the candidate, and the community laments the untimely death of Ismatullah Khan.

The ECP currently has the power to decide whether or not to hold the poll in PK-91; their formal decision is still pending.

Following the tragic death of candidate Sadiq Ali earlier on January 20, the ECP decided to postpone the general elections in the National Assembly’s NA-83 and NA-85 constituencies in Sargodha.

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