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Anum Fayyaz Left Showbiz Industry for Sake of Islam

Anum Fayyaz exits showbiz for Islam; joins actors leaving the world.

For any actor or singer, leaving behind their career and saying goodbye is a hard job but the thriving Pakistani industry’s talented actress Anum Fayyaz documented her journey and made it clear that it is much easier than people would generally assume.

For some people, being part of the showbiz fraternity is a dream, but for others, the grass isn’t that greener on the other side.

While many aspiring artists dream of becoming a star one day, others are leaving behind their accomplishments to achieve something much greater in life.

From her debut in Ahmad Habib Ki Baitiyan and Extras: The Mango People, Fayyaz established herself as a promising young artist who then bagged many iconic roles throughout her career.

Even after tying the knot and giving birth, the Band Khirkiyan star kept essaying different roles, but the 31-year-old actress has been laying low for quite some time, though she kept posting scintillating pictures clad in hijab and/or abaya.

Most recently, Fayyaz shared an Instagram post that surprised many of her fans. The Ishq Ibadat actor’s post read, “This is a difficult message to send since you all have been so supportive of my media career.

I have decided to leave the industry and follow more of an Islamic lifestyle and have taken steps to have my digital presence reflect this lifestyle. I kindly ask you all to keep me in your prayers as I go on this journey. Thank you so much for your never ending love and support.”

Social media users and fans of the former actress have lauded her decision and sent sweet messages to her.

She’s got been images which are sharing wearing a headscarf and has been absent through the displays for quite a while. Anum has now publicly declared that this woman is stopping the activity world to rehearse Islam. On her behalf Instagram, she launched the news.

Anum Fayyaz gave the message to followers,

Anam Fayyaz Left Showbiz Industry for Sake of Islam

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