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Arjit Singh and Salman Khan reconciling after nine years?

Salman Khan and Arjit Singh nine-year feud in Bollywood finally ends.

Renowned musician Arjit Singh was reportedly spotted leaving Salman Khan Mumbai home, known as the Galaxy Apartment, on the evening of October 4. And since then a video has gone viral on social media.

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Arjit Singh went to Salman Khan’s house in Mumbai, what would be the reason?, asked a user who shared the video on social networking site X (Twitter).

When the video went viral, the curiosity of social media users increased and many of them asked in surprise whether this video is new.

Users speculated that Salman and Arjit had approached the composer for their film Tiger 3.

According to social media fans, Salman and Arjit’s unexpected meeting is surprising and a big surprise.

It should be noted that Arjit  and Salman Khan had a fight during an award show in 2014. After this controversy, Salman Khan withdrew all the singer’s songs from his films kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan.

Later, in 2016, Arjit apologized to Salman and said that his song remained in the film Sultan, but Khan did not respond.

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