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Arrest Warrant Issued for 267 Govt Employees Neglecting Elections Duty

Arrest warrant issued for 267 employees, neglecting elections duty.

Due to their disregard for their duties about the upcoming general elections, 267 employees, including women, of the Sindh Health Department in Karachi were given arrest warrant on Friday.

The warrants were issued by Muhammad Hayyat, the Returning Officer (RO) of PS-110-Karachi, South, since the employees had been absent from their designated election tasks for an extended period of time.

The employees who have neglected to show up for work during the election are to be apprehended and presented by the police.

This comes after Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja threatened to take severe measures against anyone trying to disturb the calm and obstruct the upcoming elections on February 1.

Clarifying any ambiguity or misperception, CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja stated that the General Elections of 2024 will take place on time.

He emphasized that there is a serious threat from terrorism to the electoral process and gave his word that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is ready for the polls on February 8 despite security concerns.

The CEC declared that it has total faith in law enforcement organizations to maintain a safe and secure voting environment.

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