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Balochistan Starts An IT Project For Women

Balochistan to launch Inclusion of Women in Digital Economy IT program

The project’s objective, as per Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi, Parliamentary Secretary of Law, Science, and Information Technology (IT), was to give women in Balochistan computer literacy to support financial independence and economic empowerment on International Women’s Day.

Dr. Buledi underline the role of this programme for exposing women to digitalization and bridging the gender gap in the IT industry.

She emphasize the significance of successful programmes that would broaden women’s access to technology and support their economic development in Balochistan.

In addition, she claim that the project will give women more power by teaching them the basics of using internet financial services.

In the end, this initiative has the ability to change the game in terms of building a society that is more egalitarian and inclusive.

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