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BBC Urdu Radio News Disclosures Ceased After Over 20 Years

BBC Urdu's Radio News Disclosures Ceased After Over 20 Years

BBC Urdu discontinue radio news update to Pakistan after over 20 year.

On Saturday night, the broadcast of the BBC Urdu service’s final radio newscast officially ended the service.

According to Asif Farooqi, editor of the BBC Urdu service, BBC broadcasts won’t be available on the radio any longer, but that does not imply the broadcaster is losing its “relationship with audio.”

The BBC Urdu website showed a video of Farooqi saying, “The Urdu service is entering a new era…

This infrastructure will still be present, and we’ll use it to give you audio in a digital format

In the film, several BBC staffers are shown discussing similar briefings and their termination.

Mehwish Hussain, a member of the BBC Urdu service staff, claimed that FM bulletins and her job with the Pakistan regional service started around the same time.

“When we began publishing these bulletins in 2004, it was a tremendously exciting event. It was such an innovative and well-received product that it gained popularity rapidly, she said.

“I have a great sense of pride in having been a part of launching the bulletins”

Saad Sohail, a different BBC employee, asserted that they were conscious of their obligations each time they took the stage for these programs.

In addition, Sohail said, “This journey was more significant because when people wrote letters to us from Balochistan and other far-flung areas and said they could acknowledge our voice, one feels that joy that we were able to spread information that they could not have discovered through the mainstream media.”

According to Farooqi, the broadcaster was developing a strategy for the impending release of podcasts and audio stories.

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