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BIEK to give 15% Extra Marks to Intermediate Students

Caretaker instructs BIEK to give extra marks to Intermediate students.

On Friday, the interim chief minister of Sindh, Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar, gave the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) instructions to award extra marks to intermediate students specializing in pre-engineering, pre-medical, and general science.

The directives were given by the CM as he was endorsing the fact-finding committee’s conclusions, which was established to look into Intermediate Part-I pupils receiving abnormally low grades in 2023.

According to CM Baqar, the committee’s recommendation to award 15% additional credit to pre-engineering, pre-medical, and general science students was adopted.

The BIEK in charge of the IT sector was told to resign from his position after the committee presented its report to the chief minister.

The committee was directed to create a marking scheme and patterns for papers before the start of the school year. It said that the three-year implementation of the paper pattern and grading scheme would take place.

The chief minister of Sindh issued an order to expand the number of document inspection centers in the city to ten. In order to ensure there are no errors, he said, the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) should be examined using an optical mark recognition system.

Along with directing that all staff members, including head examiners, examiners, and invigilators, receive training, CM Baqar also stipulated that the BIEK’s rules and regulations must be closely adhered to.

“The controller of examinations, all deputy controllers and the IT manager are responsible for conducting the examinations in 2023,” he stated.

He also said that board officers should have warning before they defy policies and procedures.

On January 23, the BIEK released the Part-I (first year) test results. The pupils’ performance had concerningly declined, according to the results.

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