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Bilawal Bhutto Keeps His Promise to Underage Rickshaw Driver Alisha

Bilawal fulfills promise, provides home & job female rickshaw driver.

As a gift, Alisha in Shah Faisal Colony received a two-room house measuring 80 square yards from Bilawal Bhutto.

Alisha, 17, shared a small rental home in the big city’s Drigh Road neighborhood with her mother and a sibling.

Her father died several months ago. Fortunately, while he was sick, he had taught Alisha how to operate a rickshaw.

Alisha struggled to find a suitable job after her father died in order to provide for her family. The family was in serious financial trouble.

Alisha chose to be a rickshaw driver in order to help her family. Although she was able to keep the kitchen running, she struggled to pay the rent.

On June 17, shortly after Alisha’s story broadcasted on Express News TV, Nawab Wassan contacted her and obligated Sindh’s full support.

He also promised to provide her family with a home. In the six months that followed, the Sindh government constructed a two-room house on a plot of land and gave it to Alisha.

Nawab Wassan told the media outside Alisha’s house that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had initially taken a memorandum of the Express-News story about the 17-year-old orphan girl and directed the government to gift her family a house under the Benazir Housing Scheme.

On Saturday, Alisha received the ownership papers of the two-room house.

The Sindh government has also offered a job opportunity for her. He also asserted that the Benazir Housing Scheme tends to result in the construction of approximately 6,000 houses in Sindh.

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