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‘Bodies’: Netflix Time-Jumping Mystery Thriller

Must watch Netflix ‘Bodies’ series based on Si Spencer graphic novel.

Netflix “Bodies,” which tells the tale of four detectives, four timelines, and one unexplained dead body, would be the ideal program for you if you enjoy dystopian detective dramas and science fiction stories. It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?


Bodies is a combination of police procedural, murder mystery, historical drama, and time-traveling science fiction. A dead body is found in London at the start of the show; it appears to be routine work for a city detective.

Three other investigators in three different timelines 1890, 1941, and thirty years in the future have found the identical victim, unbeknownst to the investigator.

The timeframes start to connect as each detective looks into the case, exposing a deadly plot.


Amaka Okafor, Emmy nominee Shira Haas, Olivier Award winner Kyle Soller, and SAG Award winner Stephen Graham comprise the talented cast of ‘Bodies.’

Date of release

You can start streaming ‘Bodies’ on October 19.

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