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Brutal Street Beating of Pakistani Taxi Driver in New York

Pakistani taxi driver, 60, brutally attacked after an argument in NYC.

Afzal Butt, a struggling immigrant taxi driver, was brutal assaulted by some brutes on July 19 in Manhattan. The terrible beating that was caught on tape left Afzal Butt with injuries to his face, neck, and chest.

Butt immigrated to the US from Pakistan in 2004 and has worked as a taxi driver ever since. Butt, who has two adult children and resides in Upper Manhattan with his wife, said that on July 19, he got into a fight with a group of five individuals on Sixth Avenue and West 34th Street.

Afzal Butt was accused of almost hitting a group of unrelated scooter riders while he was pulling over to pick up food that had been thrown into his vehicle by the group, according to Butt.

They were claiming I was going to run them over as they passed, he claimed. I simply wanted to clean my automobile.

Then the lady and the youngster began smashing my side glass. She damaged it. He said, “Two more people joined in after they started assaulting me. Everywhere on my body, including my face, they were kicking and beating me, according to Butt.

Unsettling video evidence shows two guys, three women, and the taxi driver pounding and shoving the man as he falls to the ground. Butt is seen crouching next to his car, his face hidden, as a woman kicks him once more.

“I had a bulging eye socket. I felt lightheaded and woozy,” the victim claimed. My neck is in such excruciating pain. My shoulders, knees, and hips. I experienced a pressure-like sensation in my chest. Such suffering.

Police claim

Butt was taken to a hospital, and two suspects, Natalie Morgan, 51, and Howard Colley, 35, were detained.

Morgan was punished for criminal mischief, while Colley was charged with misdemeanor assault by the police. Due to the misdemeanor nature of the allegations and the lack of any significant criminal histories for the suspects, both were given desk-appearance fines and released.

Afzal Butt expressed his outrage to a local newspaper earlier this week about the fact that two of his accused attackers were given desk-appearance tickets and let off the hook.

The taxi driver lashed out against New York’s lax bail-reform regulations, saying, “If they’re not going to put them behind bars, this is a horrible system.” “With this system, I am helpless and without hope.” He said, “Send the mayor the video and tell him to die with the shame.”

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