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BTS Singer Jimin Rules MAMA Awards 2023

BTS, with limited albums, is surprisingly eligible for Grammy Awards.

Album of the Year, often regarded as the Grammy Award’s highest honor, is open to five of the seven members of BTS.

RM is the member who is eligible and has held the title the longest. Indigo, his third solo album, was released in December 2022 just in time for him to be eligible for the upcoming Grammy Awards.

A few weeks after it was first released on tangible media, the singer’s effort album saw a rebound, reaching a new peak at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

The first BTS member to release a solo collection in 2023 was Jimin. Face, his debut EP, peaked at No. 2, just one place shy of the top spot on the Billboard 200. Face’s massively successful lead single, the Hot 100 chart-topper “Like Crazy,” contributed to the album’s growth.

A month later, Suga made a comeback with D-Day, another solo project. Suga had previously charted in America with several solo mixtapes, but D-Day was his debut solo album. Although D-Day did not yield a huge hit song, it landed at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, which may have hurt its prospects of winning a Grammy.

J-Hope reissued Jack in the Box, his album, in August in a special edition called the Hope Edition. All of the original project’s music was included in this revised edition, along with a few extra tunes.

Recording Academy

A year after its debut, the physical format release helped it get to the top 10 on the Billboard 200. Jack in the Box may be considered for a Grammy since the Recording Academy usually views deluxe editions as new releases.

However, the group that sponsors the awards will decide whether or not they believe it to be sufficiently different from the prior edition.

Though lists of songs and albums submitted for each category are not made public by the Recording Academy, it is likely that all five of the aforementioned projects were eligible to compete for the Grammy for Album of the Year. The group has only received one nomination for Album of the Year thus far.

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