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Bulgarian Writer Gets International Booker Prize for a Novel

Georgi Gospodinov and Angela Rodel wins International Booker Prize.

By writer, The darkly humorous novel is about the perilous allure of nostalgia.

The prize, which honours fiction from all across the world that  translated into English, has won through the book over five other candidates.

The award money of 50,000 pounds will distribute between the writer and the interpreter.

Each floor of the clinic depicted in “Time Shelter” represents a distinct era from the past.

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It was created to aid dementia patients in regaining access to their memories, but it quickly draws those looking to get away from the modern world.

Gospodinov, claimed he started working on his book about “the militarization of nostalgia” in 2016, the year of both the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s victory.

He described the time as one in which “stress was in the air.”

The chair of the judging panel, French author Leila Slimani, called it “a superb novel full of comedy and tragedy.”

It is a very significant work that addresses the philosophical and modern issue of what happens to us as our memories fade. She spoke.

But it’s also a fantastic book about Europe, a continent that desperately needs a future, where the past has constantly rewritten, and where sentiment can be poisonous.

The award has created to honour the underappreciated work of literary translators and to raise awareness of fiction written in foreign languages, which makes up a small portion of novels produced in Britain.

The winners from the previous year were the American translator Daisy Rockwell and the Indian author Geetanjali Shree for their work on “Tomb of Sand.”

According to Rodel, disproved the notion that “if you’re a good translator, maybe you shouldn’t notice.”

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