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Despite Western Criticism, Russia and China Strike Trade Agreements

Russian prime minister signed many agreements with China in Beijing.

Among the letters of agreements that have signed were one on the export of crop products to China, one on the cooperation in sports, and one on the development of investment collaboration in trade services.

Despite opposition from the West as the conflict in Ukraine carried on, he described the two countries’ relationship as being at an all-time high.

The visit comes after the Group of Seven nations’ weekend pronouncements that singled both countries out on a range of problems, including Ukraine, had met with furious responses from Russia and China.

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Russia is feeling more and more threatened by the Ukraine War, which is in its second year.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin spoke with Chinese Premier Li Qiang and had scheduled to meet with President Xi Jinping.

He was the most senior Russian politician to visit Beijing when Moscow dispatched thousands of soldiers to Ukraine in the month of February 2022.

Due to China’s increased need for oil and gas, Moscow is relying more on Beijing for support than China is on Russia as the war in Ukraine enters its second year and Russia feels the impact of Western sanctions more and more.

In their encounter in Beijing, Mishustin informed Li that “connections between Russia and China are currently at an all-time high level.”

They share a respect for each other’s interests and a desire to work together to address problems, which is related to rising international turmoil and a trend of sensational pressure from the West, he said.

Li told Mishustin that “China is ready to work with Russia to carry out the two nations’ collaborative partnership, and believes that practical interaction in many fields could elevate it to a new stage.”

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