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Bushra Bibi and Imran Khan are Charged in a “un-Islamic” Nikkah Case

Imran Khan & Bushra Bibi indicted for violating Islamic law in nikkah.

Imran Khan, the founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), and his wife Bushra Bibi were charged by a local court on Tuesday for solemnizing their nikkah in against Islamic law.

Former prime minister Imran, who was ousted from office in April 2022, and his spouse have refuted every accusation made in the complaint filed last month by Bushra’s ex-husband, Khawar Maneka.

The PTI founder was present as Senior Civil Judge Qudratullah read out the accusations in the courtroom set up in Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail. But his wife did not show up, which irritated the judge because her absence had caused earlier indictments to be delayed.

The former first lady’s absence was criticized by the court during today’s session, which also raised concerns about how she was able to travel without the court’s approval.

In response, her attorney Usman Gill stated that his client’s poor health was the reason she had gone to the hospital.

The prosecution, meanwhile, took issue with Bushra Bibi medical report, claiming that it omitted any specific therapy the accused had received.

The judge addressed Bushra’s attorney and stated, “You are repeatedly seeking exemption by submitting medical reports,” adding that the person requesting the exemption is not in the room.

The PTI leader was also brought to the podium, where the former prime minister claimed not to comprehend the legalese and that he would sign the charge sheet only after receiving a briefing from his attorney.

He did, however, sign the charge sheet after speaking with his attorneys.

Islamabad High Court (IHC)

The action takes place one day after the Islamabad High Court (IHC) postponed making a decision on Bushra’s appeal for Maneka’s case to be dismissed.

In her appeal, Bushra—through her attorney, Barrister Salman Akram Raja—argued that Maneka’s petition was admissible and that the trial court lacked jurisdiction to hear it.

She also asked the court to declare the order made by the extra sessions judge East on January 11 to be “null and void.”

Maneka had filed a lawsuit against Imran and Bushra’s marriage in an Islamabad district and sessions court last month. His appeal was made just one day after the PTI chief’s nikkah was contested by petitioner Muhammad Hanif, who withdrew his own similar case “due to technical reasons.”

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