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Controversy Surrounds Child Marriage Portrayal in ‘Mayi Ri’

Controversial drama ‘Mayi Ri’ faces backlash for child marriage plot.

Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi are the creators of the drama Mayi Ri, which can be seen every day at 7:00 pm on Ary Digital. Sana Fahad, the wife of Fahad Mustafa and author of the popular drama “Rang Laga,” is responsible for the plot.

Aina Asif, Samar Abbas, Nauman Ijaz, Maria Wasti, Maya Khan, Sajida Syed, Saad Faridi, Amna Malik, Paras Masroor, Usman Mazhar, and Diya Mughal are among the actors in Meesam Naqvi’s drama.

The drama has had about 15 episodes air so far. The plot centers on a young, in school couple who were compelled to wed by their relatives. In the drama, Fakhir and Annie are held captive in an arranged union.

The marriage was portrayed negatively since the two people involved weren’t prepared to wed and didn’t want to embrace one another as husband and wife.

Unexpectedly, the drama is also receiving positive ratings.

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