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Could green tea affect the liver?

Although green tea seems to be healthy, that it can effect the liver.

Green tea seems to be healthy, but it can effect the liver. Green tea generally considered to provide several health benefits for people, especially for those trying to lose weight, substitute for drinking regular tea, switch to green tea.

But the results of a recent study have made specialists’ eyes open, and as a result, it seems recommended to stop drinking green tea.

Klett Health Service and Kaplan Medical Centre in Israel have undertaken a fresh investigation on green tea.

The findings of this study suggest that drinking green tea can fully stop liver inflammation in its tracks.

Tea consumption harm the liver

According to this study, there are more than 100 documented cases of inflammation of the liver caused by drinking green tea, the inflammation being a direct result of the presence of phytotoxins in the tea plant and probably a metabolic reaction.

According to research, drinking too much green tea is leading to liver damage, especially in women.

Experts say that it is currently not clear which components found in green tea can contribute to liver’s damage.

Supplemental green tea use and excessive green tea drinking can harm and afflict the liver. According to experts, this is caused by an accumulation of caffeine, which might damage the liver. Avoid drinking more than 4 to 5 cups of green tea each day to prevent this adverse effect.

After taking a weight loss supplement containing green tea extract as its main component, a 37-year-old woman who had never used alcohol or experienced liver’s injury displayed increased inflammation, necrosis (cell or tissue death due to lack of oxygen), and higher aminotransferase levels (a symptom of liver damage).

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