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How was the former Pakistani PM Imran Khan detained

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan in custody for corruption allegations.

Battles between former pm Imran khan supporters and the police outside his Lahore home in March prevented the enforcement of a court order to imprison him.

No less spectacular was his arrest, which took place when he was in court in Islamabad, the country’s capital.

The 70-year-old  pushed into a car and led outside while  escorted by a horde of police officers wearing martial gear.

Since he was removed from office last year after losing a vote of confidence,Imran Khan has been accused of numerous crimes, including sedition and corruption.

Thus, his arrest was not a surprise.

It has, however, infuriated his followers and even startled a nation that had hoped for an end to the political impasse that had brought Pakistan to the verge of collapse.

What led to Khan’s arrest?

According to the Pakistani government, he  detained for refusing to assist investigators in an ongoing corruption probe.

The claim in the case is that Imram Khan accepted land as payment for political favour while he was the prime minister.

It centres on a British law enforcement agency’s inquiry into “laundered” funds used by Pakistan’s largest real estate magnate, Malik Riaz Hussain.

According to reports, Mr. Hussain donated the property to the Al-Qadir Trust, which founded by Bushra Bibi. Mr. Khan stated that the land donated in charity

Money laundering disputed by Mr. Hussain. His stance on the issue of land for favours is unknown, though; early this year, he gave a statement to Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau investigators in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

Imran Khan has charged in another graft case after his incarceration.

This one claims he failed to declare the money he made from the sale of items he had acquired while serving as prime minister.

On Wednesday, Imran Khan accused for the first time in this matter during a hearing; he pled not guilty.

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