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Court has Suspended Nawaz Sharif Arrest Warrants

“Nawaz Sharif’s” Toshakhana arrest warrants suspended until Oct 24.

After a short break, the court announced the suspension of Nawaz Sharif warrants until October 24 and confirmed that he would not face detention upon returning to the nation.

Judge Muhammad Bashir presided over the case on Thursday, with the court having previously held the decision in reserve.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) prosecutor and Qazi Misbah, Nawaz Sharif’s attorney, both appeared in court. During the hearing, Sharif’s attorney earnestly implored the court to annul the arrest order issued for his client.

The defense attorney mentioned that Nawaz Sharif is anticipated to return on October 21 and requested the court to delay the ongoing warrant until October 24.

The presiding judge asked a germane question in response, asking if there were any orders from the high court. The defense attorney responded by telling the court that the high court was going to review their case today.

The judge questioned why Nawaz Sharif had not yet been in court when discussing the issuance of permanent arrest warrants on October 1, 2020.

Nawaz Sharif had been overseas for medical reasons, the defense attorney explained, and the Lahore High Court is still considering his case. Remarkably, no opposition arose to this petition even during the previous administration’s tenure.

The prosecutor for the NAB informed the court that Nawaz Sharif had requested temporary respite. The NAB also advocated for revoking the warrants and requested the court to defer the warrant until October 24. In response, the judge said they should wait for the High Court’s decision.

The defense attorney, Qazi Misbah, emphasized that the case at hand has nothing to do with the issue that is currently before the High Court.

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