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Court Summonses Leading Educators are Concerned About Textbook Errors

IHC seeks an account from Education Secretary and Federal Education.

IHC Chief Justice Amir Farooq heard a plea from a female citizen on Thursday. The woman’s counsel sought that the Standard of Education Act is fulfilled, as well as academic supervision. The court underlined its disapproval of the attorneys for both sides.

Including the Federal Board, for failing to answer its inquiries regarding the organizations in charge of creating the curriculum.

To question them on the same, Justice Farooq called a meeting of the educational authorities.

The hearing was deferred by the court for two weeks after the Secretary of Education and the Chairman of the Federal Board were contacted.

In related news, the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), which was created to regulate private schools in Islamabad, has effectively disintegrated.

Since the authority does not yet have a chairperson or members, a deputy secretary and a deputy director are in charge of running its affairs.

Since Zia Batool’s time as authority chairperson ended in October of last year, the seat has been open.


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