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Court to Hear Petition to Remove Imran Khan as Party Leader

LHC orders hearing on petitions to remove Imran Khan as PTI Chairman.

On whether the court should refer petitions for Imran Khan remove as party leader to a larger bench or hear them through a single bench, the judge deferred his decision.

The petitions were submitted by lawyer Muhammad Afaq, one in person and one on behalf of a citizen named Muhammad Junaid.

The attorney asked Justice Chatha to send the petitions to the Chief Justice and hear them before another judge. The lawyer believed that the judge had earlier contested for the post on the platform of PTI.

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The judge heard arguments from counsel before reserving his decision, which he later announced. He also directed the office to submit the applications on May 19 in his court.

Imran Khan accused of bad-title

The petitions stated that the former prime minister was disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan due to allegations of corruption and removed from Mianwali NA-95.

It states that according to the provisions of the Representation of the People Act 1976 and the Political Parties Order 2002, the office-bearers of a political party must fulfill the conditions laid down in Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

According to the petitions, Khan is allegedly violating the law by retaining his chairmanship of PTI, which was registered with the ECP.

The decision of the Supreme Court to prevent former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from leading the Muslim League-N after his disqualification under Article 62 and 63 is also mentioned.

The petitions have asked the court to issue directions for the nomination of a new party leader in place of Imran Khan and compel the ECP to remove Khan from the post of PTI chairman.

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