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Custom Hold Motorcycle Training Program For Female Officers in Karachi


As part of Pakistan’s Women Empowerment Program, the Pakistan Customs Airport Collectorate provided motorcycle riding instruction for female personnel on Tuesday.

Thirteen female police officers participated in the motorcycle training program, which was organized in cooperation with ESSA Lab Karachi.

The event, which took place at Air Freight Unit JIAP, included a rally to support women’s independence and self-reliance.

The 13 female officers received certificates of appreciation from Muhammad Yakub Mako, Chief Collector Customs Enforcement South, Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Memon, Collector Customs Airport, and Asadullah Larak, Additional Collector Airport, during the occasion.

The female trainee operatives also received the guests’ motorcycles, helmets, and driving licenses.

Muhammad Yakub Mako, the Chief Collector for Enforcement South, expressed his gratitude for the female staff.

A more progressive society that is healthier, safer, and less discriminatory will have more financially independent women. Women who are economically independent set an example for their children and aid in eradicating long-standing gender biases that are ingrained in our society.

When assessing potential directions for development, research focused on women’s accountability and accessibility is of utmost importance. Women’s tales must be tracked as important aspects of the development demands and changes of any society since women have a significant impact on their families and the community in which they live.

The program’s ability to empower women with greater independence has been one of its most significant effects.

He vowed to keep making similar efforts to help the women in the Customs Department develop strength and independence.


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