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CyberKnife Cancer Treatment Technology at Two Hospitals Approved by CM


Cyberknife Cancer Treatment Technology at Two Hospitals Approved by CM. 

CM Elahi approve’s Cyberknife Technology at Jinnah Hospital Lahore.

With the use of this CyberKnife technology, patients will obtain free sophisticated treatments and be treated for difficult diseases as well as terminal conditions like cancer and tumours.

Advanced training in using this equipment and managing treatment plans will be provided to doctors in the appropriate fields. Before this initiative, CyberKnife Technology was available to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center’s (JPMC) Radiation Oncology Department, which also offered Tomotherapy to patients. Doctor Yasmeen Rashid stated:

Through the sehat sahulat card, cyberknife treatment has been made available to cancer patients in Punjab, and data on those patients’ treatments will be recorded.

Cyberknife technology offers a non-invasive treatment alternative for tumours that are both cancerous and non-cancerous as well as other conditions for which radiation therapy is recommended.

It is used to treat diseases that affect every part of the body, including cancers of the liver, pancreas, kidney, brain, spine, head, neck, prostate, lung, and different gynecologic conditions.

For some individuals with tumours that are impossible to operate on or difficult to operate on, it can also be utilised as an alternative to surgery.

According to Statistics

Punjab has provided more than 2.4 million individuals with free medical care through health cards to date, costing more than Rs 54 billion. 794 public and commercial organisations designated to provide this card’s free medical services.

Dr Yasmin Rashid claims that they are aiming to provide the Punjabi people with the greatest number of services with this card. More than 50,800 women have had free normal deliveries, more than 210,000 women have received free caesarean sections, and more than 55,100 people in Punjab have already benefited from free coronary angiography.

More than 36,000 people in Punjab have had a free hernia procedure, over 36,100 people have received free chemotherapy, and more than 165,000 people have received free eye treatment thus far thanks to this card.

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