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Did You Know How Much ‘Tere Bin’ was Earning from YouTube?

“Tere Bin” series finale; reportedly earning Rs 1 billion on YouTube.

The most popular YouTube channel in Pakistan, Geo Entertainment, is reportedly making $1 billion from only one drama series Tere Bin, according to Diva reports.

The sequel to “Tere Bin” was also revealed by the film’s creators shortly after the conclusion of Thursday’s last episode. The drama’s producer, Abdullah Kadwani of 7th Sky Entertainment, announced on Twitter that there would be a much-anticipated sequel.

Tere Bin’s incredible journey comes to a conclusion, achieving milestones never previously seen in Pakistani entertainment history, according to Kadwani’s tweet. As we say goodbye to this serial, we are delighted to present this series Season 2 in response to the many inquiries and enthusiasm from our wonderful fanbase.

With the return of this adored series and the outstanding performances of Ali and Zaidi, new records in the field of Pakistani dramas are sure to be set, leaving fans impatiently anticipating the next installment in this cherished narrative.

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