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Direct flights from Quetta to Makkah for the first time

Quetta introduces flights to Makkah, expanding Hajj operations in P.K.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, direct flights have been started from Quetta to Makkah, Saudi Arabia for Hajj, which used to travel with layovers in the holy cities of Balochistan earlier.

Earlier, many passengers used to go to other Pakistani cities like Karachi for Hajj flights, but now the authorities have added Quetta to the list of places where pilgrims can travel.

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For the first time, the country’s national flag flight 747 – PK took off from this city at night. It left for Medina with 145 pilgrims. Earlier, PK-6133 and PK-6137 departed for Madinah carrying around 300 pilgrims.

The recent flight operations from the Balochistan capital came after the Pakistani authorities upgraded the airport, enabling it to host a wider range of aircraft.

Ten Pakistani cities are now participating in the Hajj operation, and on July 4 the post-Hajj flight operation will begin.

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