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Do you know about the smallest prison in the world?

A cozy town called Tweed in Ontario hosts the world’s smallest prison.

This smallest prison is located in a picturesque location in Hastings County and is just over 24 square meters in size, with a width of 4.8 meters and a depth of 6 meters.

Surprisingly, this tiny jail is smaller than some of the smallest apartments in Toronto, measuring about 300 square feet. Although it no longer houses inmates, people can go inside and take pictures to reminisce about their time there.

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This unique jail was built in 1898 and became operational in 1900. It previously had a meeting room and three smaller rooms. The former prison was destroyed by floods. This prison usually housed petty criminals.

An interesting story concerns Gideon Butts, who lived there briefly after doing a terrible job. The jail operated for nearly fifty years before closing due to a decrease in crime in the community. It is now a place where travelers can find information at certain times of the year.

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