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Bodies Still Move a Year after Death?

Would you believe that bodies continue to move even year after death?

The mind-blowing claim that bodies still move a year after death was made in a study in which researchers followed a corpse for 17 months.

According to a report published in 2019, the research was led by Australian researcher Allison Wilson, who, while talking to the media, made a surprising claim that she had discovered a corpse a year after it had died. Also seen moving and this discovery may have significant implications regarding post-mortem investigations.

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He indicated that the process of mutilation of the corpse could be the cause of its movement, meaning that as the body begins to dry and the tissue ligaments dry out, the body parts begin to move.

The scientist further said about his research that we discovered that the hands moved significantly, meaning that if the hands were placed at the side of the corpse, they eventually moved up to the side.

The team of researchers used cameras to track a donor body in Sydney, which was then housed at the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research, for 17 months.

The researcher said that this discovery will help the investigative agencies to estimate the time of death of a body more accurately while it will also be easier to determine the cause of death.

The University of Newcastle in Australia supported the research and Allison Wilson said the research is very important in terms of crime investigations and will also help in the investigation of tragedies.

Another researcher who supervised the research said that it was thought that the body could not move after death. Brought, I think people would be surprised to know how much the bodies can move, because I myself was surprised by it, especially the movement of the hands stunned me.

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