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Dr. Arif Alvi Presidential Term Ends Today

Arif Alvi will continue to serve as president after his 5-year tenure.

Reports say that Dr. Arif Alvi will not step down from the presidency after the completion of the term. The president indicated last week that he is ready to serve until a new president is elected after key consultative meetings.

Dr. Arif Alvi five-year term ends on September 9. The President shall hold office for a period of five years from the date of assumption of office, as provided in Article 44(1) of the Constitution.

The President of the State shall hold office after the expiry of his term until his replacement is elected in accordance with the Constitution.

Additionally, the Constitution specifies that the President of the United States is an office that is eligible for reelection, but no person can serve more than two consecutive terms.

It should be noted that after the decision to remain in office despite the end of the term, President Alvi will continue to exercise all his official rights. Some examples of these rights are the ability to grant amnesty, remission or suspension of sentence imposed by any court, tribunal, or other body.

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