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Dubai to Soon Introduce Self-Driving Taxis

RTA and Cruise initiate self-driving trials for an essential project.

Dubai is gearing up to become the first non-US city to introduce a network of self-driving taxis.

RTA tweeted that it is testing five Chevy self-driving vehicles in Jumeirah 1 to test the upcoming technology on traffic signals, driver behavior as well as other aspects of driving.

According to Ahmed Hashim Behruzian, CEO of the Public Transport Agency at RTA, data collection and testing are critical to Dubai’s efforts in smart transportation and technology.

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These steps will allow Cruise‘s AI to adapt to Dubai’s traffic and collect better data using radars and cameras that capture a 360-degree panorama of the world around it, he said.

RTA and Cruises plan to debut these self-driving taxis by 2030, a first of its kind in Dubai. Dubai will be the first metropolis outside the US to have this network, thanks to RTA’s launch of plans for around 4,000 autonomous vehicles.

Self driving taxis will have many benefits beyond being autonomous, such as reduced traffic congestion, fewer traffic violations, and less dangerous emissions.

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