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Elon Musk’s Documentary on his Life to Release this Month

Elon Musk is credited for tech advancements in crypto, space and AI.

The release of a documentary on Elon Musk’s life has surprised and excited many of his fans.

The Cult of Elon documentary was the first in a series of eight films signed by the agency. Which was planned to be produced by an organization called Voice Media. The 24th of April 2023 is the planned release date for ‘The Cult of Elon,’ according to various media sources.

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The documentary will focus on key events in Musk’s life, including the success of his electric car company, Tesla. His rise to the position of the richest and most powerful man in the world. The documentary will inspire young generations around the world to see how the 51-year-old gained respect. The series will also include analysis of Musk’s social media activity and various topics.

However, this is not the only documentary on the life of the Twitter CEO. Oscar award holder Alex Gunbe was also working on a documentary based on the tech giant.

Critics and viewers will not be able to compare and judge these two documentaries until they are both released.

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