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Earning from TikTok is now even easier

TikTok Simplifies Earning: New Features for to Easily Generate Income.

Apparently, TikTok revealed five months ago that it is trying to make it possible for users to earn money from the social media platform even if they don’t make videos.

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To achieve this, TikTok makes it easy for creators of popular filters and effects to make money. Video sharing app launches The Effect Creator Reward Fund Users can earn money using this fund by creating viral filters and augmented reality effects.

Six million dollars have been allocated by the firm for this fund. The service was first made available to customers in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, but requirements have since been increased to include customers in more countries to join the program.

Users must submit at least 5 filters to sign up for the program, and use only 3 of them in 1,000 videos to qualify for payment—meaning the filters need to be popular. It won’t happen.

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