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ECP Issues Warning about Fake WhatsApp Calls

ECP issued a public advisory, cautioning about fake calls on WhatsApp.

On Thursday, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released a public advice alerting people to the prevalence of fake calls on WhatsApp.

“Reports of a series of phony calls and messages impersonating the Chief Election Commissioner have surfaced,” the ECP disclosed.

The ECP issued a formal statement advising anyone who receives shady calls or texts claiming to be from senior officers or any other high-ranking ECP official to confirm the legitimacy by calling the official on a landline.

Additionally, the advice was given to returning officers (ROs) and district returning officers (DROs), two of the ECP’s own members.

The ECP stressed that until the calls and texts have been thoroughly confirmed by the Chief Election Commissioner’s staff officer, these members should not act upon them.

The whole election workforce, including DROs and ROs, was encouraged by the ECP to rigorously abide by these standards and hold off on taking any action on calls or texts until full verification has been completed.

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