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Interior Ministry Establishes Control Room for General Election 2024

FM of communication visited the control room set up for Election 2024.

Shahid Ashraf Tarar, the acting federal minister of communications, visited the Ministry of Interior’s control room on Tuesday to keep an eye on the security setup and state of law and order ahead of the general election of 2024.

Shahid Ashraf Tarar was named Chairman of the Committee for the Security and Administrative Affairs of the General Elections of 2024 by acting Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar.

Aftab Akbar Durrani, the Secretary of Interior, was also present at the meeting and was told in depth by the coordinator National Action Plan about how the control room operated.

The minister expressed satisfaction with the control room’s operation and thanked the interior ministry officials for their work. He also stated that the control room will be used to monitor the country’s security and law and order situation during the elections.

He stated that, in accordance with the country’s constitution, the Election Commission of Pakistan has the primary duty of ensuring transparent elections, and the interim administration will offer the Election Commission whatever assistance it needs in this respect.

The creation of a control room is another link in the same chain that Shahid Ashraf Tarar pledged to take all necessary steps to maintain the security and law and order situation in the nation during the general elections of 2024.

He advised keeping a close eye on the state of law and order, keeping in touch with all relevant parties, and acting quickly in the event of an emergency.

The minister went on to say that, according the prime minister’s orders, a visitation of every province will be conducted in order to assess the general state of security and to complete the related plans.

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