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ECP to Use EMS for General Election Results

ECP has developed a modern EMS to provide election results on Feb 8.

In order to provide the election results on February 8, the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has developed a modern Election Management System (EMS).

A private company’s software can function both with and without an internet connection.

The equipment, which came at an enormous expense of Rs 320 million, will only be put to use on election day and would transmit data in forms 45 and 47 once the voting process is finished.

Every province assembly constituency will have three operators, while the national assembly constituencies will have four.

A laptop will be provided to each returning officer, and Nadara representatives will be on hand to input data into the system.

The laptops will be connected to a local area network (LAN) and run in offline mode.

The system will use computers to show results in multimedia to the general public in visible locations.

The returning officers will receive the results from the presiding officers via mobile device, and they will report the results on their own.

The ECP has brushed off worries regarding EMS system hacking as unfounded.

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