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ECP will Issue the Final Voter Lists for all Constitutions.

Today, ECP will ISSUE the Final Voter Lists for all Constitutions.

ECP announce final vote list for national and provincial constituency.

The number of registered voters in the national country has gone up to 12,21,96,122 (122.2 million) including 66.4 male and 55.7 female million voters in ECP.

According to the voter lists, more than half of the registered voters are from Punjab with 70.6 million eligible voters, while Sindh has the number that is second-highest of with 25.6 million register voters eligible.

The Election Commission of Pakistan data shows that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has 20.8 million voters while Balochistan has only 5.09 million voters that are register.

The federal capital has 984,477 registered voters, the ECP statistics show.

Earlier in, the Election Commission of Pakistan decided to collaborate with the bodies that are local the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to verify the voter lists and rectify them august.

According to the details, the ECP decided to collaborate with the physical bodies that are local NADRA to rectify errors in the (ECP) voter lists. Citizens would also be ask to help to rectify the voter lists, ECP sources said.

In addition to running an awareness campaign, the (ECPs) announced that voters would be able to confirm their votes by texting their CNIC number to the number 8300. Prior to the release of the election timetable, voters will have the opportunity to confirm and transfer their votes.

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