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European Union Announces New Visa Policy for Schengen Area

EU introduces new online visa system to facilitate entry for foreign.

The new online visa system will go live later this year, according to the specifications. The aforementioned group of passengers won’t need to receive actual stamps on their passports to enter or leave the Schengen region once the new system is in place.

Instead, they will be monitored by the Entry/Exit System (ESS). Information like name, photo, kind of travel document, entry/exit date, location, and length of stay will all be recorded by the ESS.

The ESS attempts to modernise the procedures that visitors from third countries must go through when they enter the Schengen region. Additionally, it proposes giving these travellers the freedom to easily enter and leave Schengen nations.

The report on digitising visa procedures in the Schengen region was recently adopted by the EU Parliament with 34 votes in favour, 5 against, and 20 abstentions, according to a recent statement.

The EU Parliament further stressed that automating the visa application process will ensure consistent procedures throughout the EU.

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