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Exams of Matric and Inter to Take in April & May

Exams of Matric and Inter to Take in April, May

X & XI exams in April-May are decided by educational board committee.

The committee also approved the introduction of the new grading system throughout the nation over the following three years. According to Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Secretary Ghulam Ali Malah, a 10-point system would replace the current grading system at the Inter grade XII, and Matric grade X levels nationwide by 2025.

In Lahore, the IBCC convened. Examinations for various classes in Sindh would begin right after Eidul Fitr, it was announced at the meeting.

Sindh’s Matric and Intermediate exam will begin on April 27 and May 15, this is respectively exam dates, according to information provided at the meeting presided over by Secretary of Universities and Boards Mureed Rahimo.

According to Malah, the conference also authorized the introduction of a new “10-point grading system” at the Matric and Inter levels nationwide. He further stated that the next tests will mark the beginning of the new system’s implementation.

The term “F” or “Fail” will be deleted from the student’s examination notes and replaced with a new term “U” meaning unsatisfactory, Malah said. The minimum passing scores had also been raised from 33 to 40 under the new grading system.

The new grades are “A++” or “Exceptional” for students who receive 95-100% of the possible points, “A+” or “Outstanding” for 90-95% of the possible points, “A” or “Remarkable” for 85-90% of the possible points, “B++” or “Excellent” for 80-85% of the possible points, “B+” or “Very Good” for 75-80% of the possible points, “B” or “Good” for 70-75% of the possible

According to the IBCC secretary, passing scores for aptitude tests were likewise 50, while at the university level, passing scores ranged from 40 to 50 in certain instances. To align these test results with the universities, it has been determined to raise the passing marks, he continued.

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